When WHO announced Covid-19 as pandemic and lockdown was initiated in our country I went to my hometown and started enjoying lockdown. First I enjoyed it a lot but by being at home only I was mentally not good by just watching series and movies. The main thing which I missed a lot was outdoor games. 

Though the maids were coming regularly in lockdown for cleaning and washing utensils. They were not afraid of the Covid-19 pandemic. They don’t want to sit jobless at home as they don’t have that much of savings. The lockdown was strictly followed in our city. 

As, the college started online I found it interesting studying online. But after few months it was very irritating there was mental stress, no physical activities and dizziness. But as the number of the active cases decreases people started moving out going to restaurant and shopping malls. 

From last three months I also go to play cricket in evening for three hours it keeps fits and also keep always from mobile phones. 

In this pandemic many people has lost their jobs some of them have changed source of income.  But now the situation is getting better everything is opening up slowly and vaccines are also produced. Just excited to get back to our regular chores. 

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