Who would have thought that the year 2020 will be like this? It not just gave us a novel virus that literally house arrested everyone on this planet along with the lifeline of Mumbai (Even terrorists failed to stop it). These 10 months felt like a blockbuster film that contains all the masala. It started with the 8 days holiday which gave us a happy feeling. Then PM’s speech which converted the holiday into a suspicious big break. News channels which frightened us by showing a daily chart of the number of cases found or the sound of an ambulance which gave us little bit excitement to know about where is the new case found? And how many? And of course, the action which happened on the road by our Khaki warriors. We felt sad when we saw migrant workers with their family walking on the road. 

We learned a lot of things in this period. 2020 has taught us a big lesson.

Whole 2020 is gone now and 2021 comes up with the vaccine Like “Har kali raat ke baad ek naya savera hota hai”.

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