We have started consciously taking care of our personal hygiene. Every time we touch something we get our hands sanitised, this was never the case before. Food from restaurants or roadside food stalls is also being avoided. This has also lead to families experimenting together with different dishes at home where everyone tired their hands on cooking.  

Taking care of our health has become important, primarily improving the immune system has become a major concern. People have consciously started understanding what their body needs and have started taking multivitamin supplements. Now the priorities has shifted from work related activities to self care. Exercise has been incorporated as a daily routine by everyone. As the whole family was locked in the same house they found ways to exercise, cook and do all the other house chores together.

Covid has also helped everyone to efficiently manage their resources. As people avoid going out frequently so they used to get more groceries at once and then the house has to manage with those resources. Money management has also improved as the income source in many cases reduced, people started getting 20-30% reduced salaries and now with the pandemic they had to manage everything with the limited resources. 

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