Exploring different places, trying different food items and archiving them was a part of my everyday before the pandemic. As a gourmet, I love exploring and eating food and giving reviews. But cooking was never my forte. Due to the lockdown, the movement to food junctions were restricted which led to the urge of cooking. It was difficult at the beginning of the pandemic to adapt to the new lifestyle, new ways of meeting friends, attending college. Though these methods have allowed me to connect to all corners of the world virtually but the fact that I am still  in a room physically has made it difficult to embody the virtual world. Overtime I realised that cooking was a shift that helped me divert my mind. From cooking, to plating I started learning its methods and logics. I started bringing nuances in every next food I made. Gradually, I started archiving these through photographs and shot videos of the recipes. I starting learning food photography on online platform which gave me a new perspective. A good food actually changes the mood and it is my survival pack so far. 

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