As far as I remember, the lockdown has just opened up. It was the first or the second week, where the medical shops, general stores and the glossary stores were given permission to open. I’d just gone down to take a walk, since being locked up in the four walls made me sick and mad. To experience a sense of freedom is what I felt. I noticed some changes in my area, plants started to grow from the corner of the streets. Birds had began to come back. Felt like the nature was healing, expanding itself through the concrete jungle. 

To my notice, I saw a mobile repair shop. I immediately recalled that other than these 3 shops, no other shops where given permission to reopen by the government. I was curious to know how did it start to function again. Was it working illegaly? Does anyone know they aren’t given permission to open and work? All such thoughts were running down my mind, and so I went ahead to see what was really happening. I was shocked and a bit taken back to see that the once mobile shop called “ ALL REPAIRS”  has now been changed to “ADEN BAKERY” and they were selling groceries, like milk bags, fruits, vegetables, biscuits all daily essentials item were there. I went further ahead and asked the owner that how did he managed to do it? He responded saying that juggad is important. He further added saying his business was running low so he needed to come up with another alternative. So he contacted the other grocery store shop owner and bought half of his stock and started to sell it through his store. He also managed to make an advertisement board of bakery so if any police officers come on round he won’t be caught. Behind, in a corner he was still running his mobile repair shop.

He said this was a good investment because with less grocery stores in the area, people needed to buy stuff for their daily usage, so he saw an opportunity and expanded his business.

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