Sitting at home was just boring task for my dad. But mom was very happy as she got 6 more hands to help her right from cleaning house to cooking food- me, my sister and dad helped her. Now we understood how its difficult to manage everything. We tried different recipes, it was just fun. So now we don’t need to go out to eat any street food as we can make it at our own homes. Many of my friends started their online business, some started to sell paintings while some were reselling mask, sanitizers, etc. Schedule was completely changed me and my sister never slept before 12 and never woke up before 9. But my dad and mom used to wake up at 7 and start to wake me up. Mobiles phones and social media were the only partners. Everyday was like Sunday until online lectures started. We got lot of time to spend with family (which we will not get again). Watching Mahabharat and Ramayana with mom and dad was everyday schedule. But yes I really enjoyed my lockdown with my family.

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