The mask has become my new favorite blue jeans, the earphones in the ear to ignore, and the shield for intimate over-expressive expressions of the face. The sufferings of others though made me realize again how privileged and protected I am. It generates guilt that stays there somewhere. 

For me, we as a family never spent this much time together. Dad would be on tour for months. It was kind of exhausting. Taking each other for granted became the norm. 

But the fear build-up has reached its peak. We followed norms not because we cared for ourselves, rather we cared about our parents more. The family, however, now also included the 7 puppies and their mother who stay in our building premises. 

The terrace became the new chilling room, the dance and gym area and the rooms became a battlefield of words. 

But the play of awkwardness still grows more inside the mask each day.

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