The fear of Corona inculcated some covid Habits in our daily life like exercising or yoga, taking bath after coming from outside, doing gargle with turmeric water, taking steam, drinking kadha, sanitizing at the door before entering in the house, vitamin C, turmeric milk and many more things. It not only made us conscious about our habits but also about spaces and people around us. Temporary working space in the corners of the house so it doesn’t interrupt rest of the family members. The whole going downstairs just to buy vegetables and necessary stuff and later in societies people started calling vegetable vendor specifically for their society. This not only brought a change in the idea of market space but also ideas such as privileges for specific people. Exposure to the outside was just through window frames and sounds of distant as much our ears can hear. The concept of celebrating an occasion through making videos.

Family time and bond increased over tv, games and some deep talks too but also the disagreements increased because of individualism, beliefs and principles.This affected on the personal space of an individual in his/her own house. 

Social Media

 The whole lot of people started using Social media for doing work and as a source of income. It widely range from people using Tik tok for various trends and influences to people opening instagram pages for expanding their creativity, cooking ability(mainly deserts) to do online publicity of them teaching yoga, makeup and much more stuff.

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