I came back to my home town just a few days before lockdown with some clothes and thought of having happy and nice time with my family and closed ones. After resting for a while at home  I went out for walk, seeing my neighbors standing there I thought they would greet me nicely but noo, instead they told me you have travelled from Mumbai and you should stay inside and stop spreading virus (as if I was corona positive ) and they started moving away from me. Ok I understand their situation but after some days those neighbors started telling my family members to stay inside this thing really made me sad and angry. I was so upset with this behaviour of neighbors  but then later on things went nice.. after 15/20 days they personally greeted me. They really treated me and my family members, but the time they treated me like I was an alien from Mumbai is still stuck in my head and for them that time didn’t existed .

After some months my close relative was tested positive and was taken to hospital. I can’t forget the day how their neighbors came and crowded at a place far from them, as if any TAMASHA was going on. Their neighbors stopped taking to the rest of the family members because some of them were quarantined at home. So we were the only source of their meals, medicines and other things. As we started helping (with all safety measures)  our neighbors stopped talking to us and stayed away. Even I stopped my mother many of the times to stop helping, but she ignored me and continued helping. Thinking of this every time I feel like humans are somewhere or sometimes loose their  humanity. In this period where we needed each others support, people just walked out. But nevertheless I was with my family sharing my good and bad moods with them.

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