“Hello! How are you doing?” 

Communication in this turbulent times is very important as sense of uncertainty is assorted into one’s life. 

Mentally and financially, one’s relationship with the nature is in constant flux today.

I happened to receive one such communication. The caller was asking me if I know anyone who is willing to buy gaming setups from him. I was surprised when I heard this because his business was almost 15 years old and was doing well. I assumed he was in dilemma – maybe another symptom of this pandemic. 

I asked him why such a decision, although I had already anticipated the answer as this complex mindset of human beings, triggered by the pandemic, is becoming homogeneous. 

I wished him luck and shared few of my contacts.

Few weeks later, my phone rang again, it was the same person who was selling gaming setups. 

That day I got to know that he started a new food cafe with whatever capital he could arrange. 

I was surprised because few weeks ago he was almost on the verge of mental breakdown. 

I asked what him what happened suddenly. 

To that he replied, “Zamane ke saath Chalna hi theek hai bey !” 

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