What was our life like before all this?

You have wondered how drastically our thinking changed after the first rumor; for many, it is just one rumor more, for others, it is the fall of something grave.

The things we did, the places we went, without asking ourselves what will happen tomorrow.

Sometimes there is no explanation for why things happen. We know why, but under such circumstances, the human being is not programmed to obey 100%.

It’s the law of life, and it’s here we break the chain. Above all, I see sadness, nostalgia, madness everywhere; but nevertheless I see a united India because there are more people who do good than those who do evil, more people who do their part for society.

What worries me most is not going out anymore, not seeing my loved ones, and taking hold of the life I used to have – even though sometimes I didn’t value it as I should have.

Despite the circumstances, I’m still standing. I do what I like from home, whether it is the same experience or not.

Even though I miss going out to have fun, I know that the day will come when they will tell us the news that we will all be free,

the day when we will all carry with us a great lesson.

That time is now, today. Let’s take action, let’s save one more life, even if we don’t know them. We will see that all this comes to pass, we will come out of this problem, and we will rise up to be better, because we are people with aspirations, goals, dreams, all together for the world.

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