When things started getting little liberal and people started going out on streets, what I noticed was there were more men on the streets than there were women or girls out there. Say it was only the men of the house who got the essentials of the house, or maybe that’s not even the reason, and that they could just not stay any longer inside their home. 

I started traveling to Khar towards the end of the month of October and as I was traveling I saw that the streets were filled with men and so were the corners and tea stall had gangs of men standing and chatting and I could barely spot 10 women on that street which made me feel so unsafe in that area and a little uncomfortable.  This makes me question why are there never gangs of women found at a small tea stall on a street or pan walla bhaiya ? Women don’t have tea or pan, is it? One day there was absolutely not a single woman at the Khar station in the evening around 7:30 ish which made me wonder where are the women of the city? What makes them disappear and stay inside the house than the men? 

Stepping out of the house wasn’t same as before. There was a whole new practice that I have to follow once I step back in the house. I had to go straight to the bathroom take a hot water shower, later drink warm water, also take steam and have ‘kaadha’ and only then come in contact with other family members. All this is done to make sure I don’t pass it on to the family members even if contracted the virus, as my mom is a diabetic and a blood pressure patient. We are very scared of her contracting the virus because of the complications it brings. This makes me not step out of the house until extremely necessary.I miss how we could carefreely step out of the house, eat wherever we want, hug whomever we want, sit wherever we can, and still come back home without having to go through a cleansing process.

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