Covid has affected the economy of the whole world, but like every time only poor people were suffering. There was no food for them to eat, water to drink all this was horrible. At that time many people came ahead to help them by providing them food, drinking water & clothes. The bus stands in my town were transformed to booths from were the poor people can acquire food, water and some clothes. There was one interesting thing that was happening in my town, during lockdown only daily necessary goods shop were allowed to open, like grocery shops, dairy and medicals as a result many people in my town placed request to license establish a grocery shop or medical shops. There was only 5 to 6 new grocery shops that had emerged in last decade but during this 6 month of lockdown there were near about 38 new grocery shop that got established with proper license. Seeing this new emerging market many banks started providing huge amount of loan to many peoples without any sort of guarantee of their property or something else, which I thought as a new corruption style contributed to this country.

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