In this tough time, everyone lost something or the other. Everyone was going through a lot. Rather it be mentally, physically or emotionally. Earlier, we had time for ourselves. To think about ourselves as an individual and grow into the best version we can. With the time, everyday was getting worse. It was more into pushing ourselves to do better. Individuals were finding ways to keep themselves occupied. Though we are at our home, we don’t get our personal space. For me, it’s going for walks and driving alone. I knew how to drive but wasn’t confident . But in this situation to find my personal space I somehow managed to push myself and drive. And more to my personal space it was more like necessity. Prior, my dad used to go to shop grocery and other basic necessity. As he was tested positive and was he quite serious we didn’t had any other option except me. Going on a drive helped me a lot. It was more like rescuing. I love wandering around the streets which is not possible. While driving made it possible. I never thought roads would be this clear as to travel in Mumbai is very chaotic. It was more like you’re owning the road.

During the Diwali break, we visited our native place.  After going through a lot in the same place, everyone from my family wanted change in space. We visited our grandpa’s birthplace after almost 60 years. It’s the same kuccha house, no one stays in that house. It was basically like revisiting the old memory lane. Finding a black and white photo album of all my dad’s childhood pictures which he thought  were misplaced. The whole house described his hard work and the journey which he had went through to from scratch. Driving in the village was whole lot of different experience.

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