Homes turned into space of worship when people weren’t allowed to go to temple and worship god.  Coronavirus was a respite from day by day rushed routine where one didn’t generally have the opportunity to spend for oneself. The Lockdown life helped me doing that, where I could find my inner self, become a better person and made me realise many things about myself. Where I could barely invest energy with my family, when they used to tell ‘5min toh baith hamare saath’, this lockdown caused me to acknowledge that it was so enjoyable to have profound talks with them. Despite the fact that we as a whole were worn out on this dull life, my mother was the most joyful as she at long last got us all at home simultaneously and it caused me to acknowledge what kind of daily routine she used to experience.

Realizing how privileged we are, looking at people where they used to earn daily to just overcome their basic needs it made me realise how hard it was for them to go through such days. I learned many things from my dad, the way he remembered each and every worker connected to him be it tailor / or tiffin man he always used to ask them if any help was needed.

This pandemic, checking daily updates on the COVID cases had become a routine. The growing numbers developed some sort of a fear everyday. Looking at the numbers felt like a score which kept growing rapidly.

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