The current pandemic brought in something a lot of us had never experienced, a nationwide lockdown. With that came in a lot of shops being closed down and long queues to buy essential supplies. There was a lot of panic amid the pandemic that forced people to hoard things at home. Many unusual spaces were used for storage such as the space under the dining table, under the dressing table or maybe beside the study table. 

A personal example illustrating this is the shift my dad’s business saw during this time.  Earlier, the main focus was on manufacturing perfumes however, with the current situation the focus has slightly shifted towards manufacturing sanitizers and disinfectants as well.This was done to avoid loss of income and help the workers earn a living at the factory as well. Due to this, a lot of spaces at my home were also used to store the samples and each room now had around 5-6 sanitizers. In addition to that, the health conscious mindset that the pandemic brought in for most people led to this and everyone from home also needed to carry a sanitizer and a disinfectant everytime they stepped out.

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