COVID lockdown brought many changes in everyone’s lives. Some were pros while some were cons. For me it was both. I felt as well as saw different things happening around me, though they used to happen earlier but I noticed it now. Like I got to know more about my dad’s business, mom’s point of view about all the other things happening around which she never shared before, and so on. Even many things happened with me. A new emoji/icon humans entered in my life which was kind of boring sometimes. Working alone all day night without my roommates and colleagues sometimes I got depressed, sometimes out of ideas, and zero inspiration. Then one day I don’t know, how I felt like it is a great opportunity for me to develop myself. So I started to put my interest in games, religion, business, different artists throughout the world their life and work. It was quite fascinating and inspiring too.

I even started to read book like ‘The Secret- Law of attraction’. Also started redesigning our house and my neighbourhood. So I guess I pretty much like the lockdown. It really gave me some time to think about myself and the world around. 

The old bonds which had gotten weak now started to become strong again. Everyone started to share there busy time with others, talking gossiping and even doing exercise. Due to the pandemic there  was a slow down in construction sector as many workers were not able to come. Shopkeepers had a great loss.

But throughout covid time brought many things into perspective.

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