One day while sipping on my tea, enjoying the heavy rains of Mumbai, a mere thought flashed through my mind, the empty roads once filled up with huge trucks carrying loads of construction materials for the ongoing metro construction, the cars and bikes of people rushing towards their prosaic routine had all faded away as if someone had stopped time, as if someone had forced us to live in the pause of the time. The otherwise normal sounds of the traffic had been repossessed  by the sounds of silence. The sounds of silence which we don’t hear usually but which the pause had offered to us. I had never been able to experience the sounds of the rains so intimately which leads me to question and ponder over that how is one pushed or forced to hear the sounds that we otherwise not want to hear and not the sounds which we want to hear and how we become oblivious to the nuances of the sounds produced in silence. I became more observant to the sounds which the pause started offering me, the whispering of the wind through the gap in the window, the hustling of the leaves and the chirping of birds continued throughout the day, the music was replaced by these sounds of silence. The experience is just so sensorial and subtle that you just want to stay and experience these intersections of sounds and the happenings in the city.

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