During pandemic a lot of fake news and rumours had been spread across. Also to tackle coronavirus, various futile advices and products were being circulated online. Because the fear of covid-19 people started doing or believing all these things and it had a hideous impact on society. So, I would like to share all the myth, hacks and rumours which I heard from news and neighbourhood.

Myth : Have you met  “corona mai”?

Coronavirus, which is believed to have originated in China and has thrown the entire world out of gear, is now a goddess in India. Yes, you have heard right with 33 million gods one more god is also added ‘Corona Mai’. Corona Mai is being worshiped in parts of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Assam. The ‘goddess’ is being pleaded to spare lives.

In Uttar Pradesh, women in some villages have started worshipping ‘Corona Mai’. These women have dug a small pit in the field, filled it with water and each one offers nine cloves and nine ‘laddoos’ to ‘Corona Mai’ to appease her. Women from adjoining villages are now flocking to the ‘temple’ to pray to ‘Corona Mai’ .

Take Bath in cow dung to tackle covid-19 and enjoy cow urine party 100% work

As in our family whatsapp group all relatives started sending us different hacks and ideas to tackle corona virus but there was one person who advised to bath in cow dung to putting a black mark on the small finger of a hand to ward off the effect of the disease. And that person is none other than Gopal Mani Maharaj. And whatever his doing Uttar Pradesh people are actually following him.

This self-styled godman Gopal Mani Maharaj released videos in which he is seen bathing in a mixture of cow dung and cow urine. The God man who is also involved in cow protection have been seen addressing devotees while standing immersed inside a mound of cow dung. In another video his claiming that covid-19 is a venereal disease that require ‘hidden’ cure, which is cow dung. His videos also appeared a fortnight after Hindu Mahasabha members organised the cow urine party in Uttar Pradesh, many of whom were later arrested for it.


As impact and fear of virus  increased, rumours and fake news also started to spread rapidly.

Because of the fear of virus, an unidentified man in Indore threw 25 currency notes of Rs 100, Rs 200 and Rs 500 denominations on the road. Fearing that the notes were infected by the coronavirus, none of the apprehensive locals dared to pick them and instead informed the municipal staff. Even municipal staff and police personnel reached the spot and disinfectant was sprayed on the notes and used their sticks to collect the money in a polythene bag.

There is a news which is really disappointing. Hundreds of migrant labourers gathered near Bandra station after hearing ‘false news’ that the government was running trains to transport them back to their home states. That crowd, which had gathered for close to two hours. And that time Bandra east was one of the affected zones. After some time the crowd was finally dispersed after the police began a lathi-charge.


When world was trying to find a vaccination for coronavirus, there was one person who believed he made a medicine which can kill the virus . He wasn’t only publishing his product but also doing and suggesting weird hacks. And that person is yoga guru Ramdev baba. He was publishing his patanjali product which mentioned that it will kill coronavirus and would increase immunity. So, this time not only my relatives but also neighbours are suggesting patanjali product for example ‘Coronil tablet , giloy juice and etc. Ramdev baba hasn’t even stopped yet he also claims that holding one’s breath for thirty seconds to a minute can be a self diagnosing test for COVID-19 and another claim that applying mustard oil to one’s nostrils can kill the virus in a person’s stomach. Ramdev made these claims in a 24-minute video conversation called E-agenda with Aaj Tak and  this ideas are not supported by scientific research. The newspaper article has covered the story of ramdev baba’s suggestion and hacks for virus.

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