The virus has really challenged humanity. Many people devoted their life for helping people while few people brought in political dimension while dealing with the virus.

People died due to corona but many people died due to the fear ,anxiety and by thinking of the consequences of corona.The way a family didn’t get to see their dearest ones when they died due to the virus and the way that person died who knew he couldn’t meet his family members again is something that hurts a lot. Death is the last moment where we can at least see and touch our loved ones for the last time. But the virus has grabbed this chance from the humans. On the other hand the people who died due to some other reasons were quite fortunate to have their family beside..but the society…stepped back rather than voluntarily arranging for the funeral. I think this is how virus has affected humanity. This is not the fault of people instead we humans are trapped within the situation created due to arrival of the  virus.

There is some sort of hesitation aroused in humans due to the virus which will take some time to completely vanish and get back to normal.

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