With the twilight closing in

And the silence stretching out

A dog howls from a distance

Another responds

To announce a shared solidarity

Through chilling winter nights

The nights are quieter

The only constant sound

The clicking of the mouse

that now wants rest

Foot steps approach as gently as cat

“Paduko” urges the raspy,

sleep filled voice of my mother.

“Tu Jhopley nay kai?”

Aunty’s voice resonates my mother’s 

“Tu za yete”

“Paduko.. nenu osta”

Chal kuch der aur… fir sothe hai…

“Ahhooooo” the dog howls away as 5 A.M inches closer along with Hypnos

And Nyx drives away with Erebus at his side.

Passing by my grandfather on

his walk to the fields with a sleepy Eos

Flanked on his side

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