From listening to the barks and chirps to the screams of kuch toh kaam kar’!

From fighting and irritating everyone to bearing the virtual ignorance,

From sudden calls so unexpected to hearing the non-stop caller tune of Corona virus ya covid 19 se aaj pura desh ladh raha hai. Par yaad rahe hume bimaari se padhna hai bimaar se nahi.” and then fixing time to talk,

From singing and dancing around to frustrated and bored,

From niche mat jao to arey mask toh lagao,

From khana mangvatey hai to khud pakkao aur khao

From constantly hogging to ‘ab bhuk nahi hai!’

From thinking of at least living at our own pace at home to being corrected ghar mein toh dhang se raho na?!

From yehi aaram se rehna hai to kab bahar jayengey,

From webinar, video calls to Chal mil yaar bas ek round maar ke aatey hai!

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