“Can you draw the curtains? Can you please reduce the volume? My head is aching, please!”  These sentences have been echoed by different voices and have increased in the frequency in the last 3 months. While the nature of work and learning has primarily shifted to screens of mobile phones or  laptops, these instances of ‘migraines seem to have become commonplace. A short visit to the ophthalmologist in a commercial complex in Khar, opened up this situation further. The three room clinic had now expanded and fragmented. The ophthalmologist in his hazmat suit has now leased another ‘gala’ on the second floor. He trudges up and down every 30 minutes. The original clinic could not hold the patients along with the ‘social distancing norms’.  Moreover the patients have increased and so has the need for space and the rooms get occupied on shifts, where after each patient is vacated, processes on sanitizing and preparing for the next patient are put into place. Advice of less screen time, drops for dry eyes are common prescription each individual coming out of the clinic is handed and to return after a month. While these are long term habits that one has to instill, larger companies provide quick fixes. ‘Blu’ Kart lenses with 50% off on frames are sold like hot cakes. Conversations within households emerge to read up on the usefulness of these glasses, while relatives beyond the household choose to discuss this extensively. One brave and adventurous family member decides to try them on rather perplexed by the recurring migraine and thus news spreads like wildfire. Most with complains choose to order, either not sure. The Opthamologist and the Company continue to come up with newer and sometimes questionable schemes. Mother complains of an unusual time, ‘Our ancestors have had such good eyesight, now look at you kids! This pandemic has really done it this time.’ 

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