This covid homestay seemed like a curse at the start but acted like a blessing at some instances. While being lost about being home at the start, I started to get used to it. Starting with many difficulties and then they turning into peace.

I was caught up in the dilemma where I started questioning anything and everything. This led me to look at both sides of the things as we had all the time available on our hands. The thoughts and questions that were floating, came to sink in. The things that were forgotten, were discovered.

Title: Lost

The faces that make me smile,

Can’t reach them but its fine,

The thoughts are entangled,

Trying to sort them out,

The things that feels like home,

But now its road is lost,

The lines that i once drew,

Are now finding a deeper end to survive,

Everything that was forgotten,

Coming around to get answers,

The answers that are so deep,

One would die and drown,

But won’t find them down.

Title: Finding

Who am I? 

Am I happy with what I am doing?

Is this the best for me?

What gives me happiness?

What is it that I like?

Are things going my way?

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