A lot of things happened in this lockdown. Life turned upside down like never before. Everything seemed like a dream. However, it left behind some temporary and some permanent changes – some for good, some for bad.

My housing society is super old. 70 years. I don’t know how is it still standing. I’m living in my society ever since I was born. My father is living in the society ever since he was born! I am friends with my father’s friends’ children, who are also living in the society ever since. You can think of it like a legacy – our fathers were friends and so we are.

When we were little, we used to hang out a lot. A lot. We were the only friends we had. We were so close that I used to be less at my place and more at theirs. We were 5 little kids who used to run here and there in the society and make noise and what not. The air  was very cheerful back then. We used to play outdoor everyday and break windows, get scolded and then blame each other for the loss.

We grew up. Slowly everything vanished. We got busy with studies, we had new friend circles. Our frisky bond became very formal. It was not more than a “hi” or a wave when we encountered each other in the building compound or anywhere else.

TO ME, what this COVID did was, it brought back that old bond! When we had no one to reach and nothing to do, we had no choice but to enforce that old friendship back into our lives. The same thing happened with our moms and dads. A month after lockdown was declared, one of us had to initiate meeting and before we knew it, we were best friends again.

There has been no COVID case in my society yet. It was very convenient for us to hang out (now it’s very casual, but during the early lockdown, we had made a commitment that no one among us will cross the building gate). We again started playing all day long. We started eating and sleeping at each other’s place again. This COVID proved to be very refreshing and joyful for me and my family.

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