There’s a shift in structure of home and institutions. Home is acting like a multiverse of all these things together. Online meeting interfaces have taken over classrooms, offices, formal and informal meetings. There’s no relevance of physical setting and respective environments. Overlapping of spaces have never been too intense and it has only increased cellularisation of life and work even while living in a single room with four others. Spaces are demarcated by framework of time and negotiations. 

The gap between rich and poor, class and caste have increased substantially on the basis of hygiene and sanitation. This gap is pushed far as people refrain to eat outside and don’t buy from cheap jacks of every sort. Children from lower middle class and below poverty line can not access education because they can’t afford digital setting, they are also dropping out of schools because there’s no provision of mid-day meals. People have been consuming news and whatsapp rumours like never before. State has taken total, complete, control of the citizens right in front of our eyes. Social Media Activism has also taken over. There’s a lot of things happening around that no one ever imagined. 

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