At a time when people are locked down at their homes with little opportunity to even head out for a stroll on the road, rooftops have become the latest hangout zones in the city.

“Prior to the lockdown, the last time I had come up to the terrace was possible during New Year. But now with nowhere else to go, the terrace has become my escapade where I come up every morning and evening, interact with neighbors from my building as well as from other buildings from adjoining terraces. This is our only open space left now where we can still mobilize without violating the law,” said one of my mom’s friends.

Different corners of the terraces have been utilized for different purposes. There are exercise corners, some corners for strolling, corners used for socializing with neighbours, some corners used as gathering spaces,etc. 

I sometimes alienate myself from the neighbours by occupying the top of the water tank. There I prefer listening to some good music, doing canvas painting, and refreshing myself with the gentle breezes simultaneously.

Most of us have inadequate space in our homes that often drives people out for a breather. Since we can’t walk on the road now, people tend to crowd roofs in these covid times.

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