The pandemic has changed the way a certain space was perceived by one before. There is a shift in the number of activities that a space could be used for, making some of them occupied the whole time, whereas the other left vacant the whole day. Also, the usage of that space gets altered, thus producing varied senses within the same space.

For example, the entrance area outside the main door of the house that is used as a place to welcome people inside has now become the place where one gets sprayed with the sanitizer, and made to leave their shoes behind before entering. The form or the structure of that space remains unchanged, but the experiences that we receive through it keep changing.

There is a routine that the spaces now pursue, which have to be strictly followed. Letting people in after spraying them, sanitizing the door handle if an outside person touches it, receiving a parcel and leaving it out for some time after spraying it and bringing it in, washing hands after touching the main gate and keep refilling the spray bottle. There is a hijack of a single object (that is the sanitizer) that is either present in every space or will lead you to it.

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