Ninad and his gang were going door to door to collect the usual Ganpati Donation. They stopped at Kale Kaku’s, excited and ready to write the receipt. Kale kaku is a 80 year old widow and an ardent Ganesh Bhakt, every year her donation sums upto the highest amount. But today she opened the main door and she sighed across the safety-door, “Kids my son has asked me not to open the safety-door and not let anyone in. That is why I can’t donate anything this year”.

 A very old neighbour of mine who just celebrated her 75th Birthday was having issues with her new smartphone. She called her daughter who stays in Pune, her daughter then called my mother, asking me to go and help fix her phone. My mother instructed, “Wait outside her house, take the phone from the safety-door, solve her issues, but don’t go in. Tell her not to open the safety-door”.

Ramu Milkman just had just recovered from Covid-19 and started supplying milk yet again. Gokhale Uncle sent him a series of  whatsapp messages with a lot of rules one of which was, “ ‘Safety-door’ pein bag lagaya hai, usme sanitizer hai. Pehle haath sanitize karo aur phir bag mein dudh daalo.” Urvi had not met her friend for almost 4 months now. Her friend stays in the C wing while Urvi stays in the F wing of the same apartment society. It was her friend’s birthday but her parents being doctors were not allowing the both of them to meet. But after a lot of nagging somehow they agreed. Her friend came over to Urvi’s floor, called her, Urvi sat on a chair inside and her friend on a chair outside, both of them talked for hours but with the safety-door still not open.

New Rule from the Society Office: It is a great moment to tell you all that we do not have any more patients in our society. Everyone can now interact with each other but only across the Safety-Door.

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