Dynamic to static all of a sudden! Due to this pandemic situation, people are confined to their bubbles. It has become so difficult for everyone to break that bubble and come out and trust people they were fond of before this. Interactions are becoming easy digitally but very difficult in reality . People feel insecure thinking about giving up their personal space and time due to the current situation.Expression of thoughts or ideas have become difficult through other mediums than digital now .But popping that bubble, adjusting to others’ space and time is important for one’s mental health. The first step would definitely be quite hard ,but it needs to be taken by everyone mutually for living in harmony and community. Taking a walk out in the open is important ,talking to people around one is important,taking out time for oneself and others is important, starting to make crucial adjustments and changes are important ,to open up oneself is important ,now more than ever, and so popping the bubble is important.

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