Lasting for a very short time.

At the very beginning of the COVID-19 people assumed that the virus was ephemeral where eventually everything and everyone would resume to their regular mundane lives, instead the virus is still with us and has made the so called ‘Lockdown’ life a mundane life. The temporality of the virus has shifted its medium and entered into our lives and spaces around us. The virus calls for everything around us now to be ephemeral. It is known for sure that pandemics are going to happen and stay with us for a long time which is now driving us into a ‘pandemic preparedness’ development. There are temporary spaces set up not only as quarantine centers but also as a place to meet or spend time. For Example: A car turning into a hangout and game center for a couple of friends, which in a ideal case would be some cafe or at someone home or converting a kitchen into a classroom.

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