Seeing road is next to impossible from last 200 days. Till now I have see the road only twice in which one include visiting doctor other was for laptop. Only thing happening in lockdown is increasing screen time to like 12hours. Watching series and sleeping schedule totally turned upside down. Sleeping at 3am and waking up directly for brunch.

Starting days of lockdown ended with FaceTime with family, friends. But as the days past, daily FaceTime went to like once in month rarely. News started feeling boring to me as only thing runs always is either extending lockdown or some stupid topic. Days went on conversation at home also went down, everyone is house in busy with their own work, as its a nuclear family I have to find my way to entertain myself. Only thing helping me to survive this lockdown is …NEXT EPISODE IN 3, 2, 1. Watching Netflix almost half of the day because it doesn’t contains ads and feels relaxing to watch. The ads are just for few seconds but still they feel like disturbing. Listening to songs and vibing with oneself.. Being more active on social media during starting days but as the days passed social media also started feeling boring.  The fear of corona also went down at home. The things from outside used to stay aside for 48 hour but now hardly for 48 minutes. Hot water which we were supposed to drink daily, went to once in week. Sleeping time was already messed up but now waking time also got messed up. Dad used to go down like once in week but now they just go down daily in the society for walks now. Things are pretty changing from the day lockdown started and how its going now. The people around me started to be more reckless as days pass. Used to take 2-3 days to complete one series now it just takes a day. Recently the game called AMONG US came, I want to play it but am still trying to get time out from the series and learn it.

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