After an immense yearning for family time was fulfilled through the lockdown, the longing for unfamiliarity started peaking in. There is only so much you can do or talk to a person about, everyday. Unfamiliarity triggers new thoughts, creates new renderings of the self and as much as familiarity may feel comfortable, unfamiliarity creates an excitement, a boost to discover and reinterpret.

Personally, this started becoming more apparent as the online semester began. The craving for new conversations and discussions was fed, but not consciously. Through the vertical studio of allied design, there was a completely new set of people to connect with, which means it was rediscovering yourself while you get to know each other. The more you can share about yourself to a new person, the more you reflect on. 

In terms of productivity, the mutual sharing of thoughts, ideas, concepts definitely proves far more responsive than isolated working methods. The need to gravitate towards a certain person or group of people grows on you after being with yourself for 5 months. During the third month into the lockdown, I would often express the need to meet someone new, not only to establish a new relationship, but to experience the ‘process’ of knowing each other.

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