81 year old Arvind Gupte  runs a small workshop that makes cutting tools. His workshop is in the eastern suburbs of Mumbai. While the unit makes no profit for Arvind, it pays the salaries of three middle aged employees. During the lockdown, as work dried up and employees stopped coming to work because of lockdown protocols, Mr. Gupte continued to pay the salaries. He went through deep mental trauma that caused a brain stroke that affected his speech. As he started to recover he resumed his activities online of making invoices etc. One day the internet fluctuated and he climbed on a stool to adjust the cable and fell and broke his spine. He is now recovered from that injury and has restarted his unit after all the necessary precautions. One of the workers who went to his village, found it difficult to find transportation back for a long time and another who stayed at a distance from the unit, found it difficult to commute to work, so stayed away for more than five months.

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