My father and a network of ‘swayam sewaks’ are circulating vanushadhis (herbal products from the “jungle”) with their center as Keshav Srushti, Bhayander. I visited a friend of my dad recently, who is a local bag shop owner. He sews and sells his own bag, and also repairs bags, chains, suitcases, etc. He took an order from my father through Whatsapp, and bought from us aloe vera gel, kadhas, chyawanprash, and other herbal ayurvedic products. He especially travels for these orders from Santacruz to Bhayander, to get these products for the ones who ordered them. 

When I was having a conversation with him, his phone rang, and the ringtone was “namaste sada vatsalye matribhoomi” , the prayer/anthem of the RSS. I have known him since my childhood, he had regularly taken his sons to the shakha every morning, and whenever he used to come home, he used to try to convince my brother and me too. My father just set him as an example for us, but never asked to come with him. I have just attended a few events, like the birthday of Dr. Hedgewar, since we had the photos of him and Golwalkar, with Bharat mata (hanging right in my hall) which they needed to tie garlands over.

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