My brother came back from Australia last night and since then our house has been filled to capacity. 4 humans and 2 dogs and the uncountable invisible forces that got locked within the walls of our apartment. It was the 22nd of March and for the the next 200 days it would still be the 22nd of March.

Eyes open, windows open, laptops open, laptop shuts, room door opens, fridge door opens, fridge door shuts, box of playing cards open, cards are played with, box of playing cards shut, room door shuts, laptop opens, laptop shuts, room door opens, cupboard door opens, vacuum turns on, vacuum turns off, cupboard door shuts, machine is opened, clothes are dried, machine is closed, main door opens, dogs also walk out, lift opens, lift closes, dogs are walked, lift opens, lift closes, main door closes, fridge opens, food is out, dogs are fed, fridge closes, windows shut, laptop opens, laptop shuts, eyes shut. And it happens again.

I felt like I was sitting in the carriage with Emily Dickinson, Death and Immortality – with all of us headed to Eternity. (From her poem, Because I could not stop for Death). Luckily Bill Murray (from the movie, The Groundhog Day)  held my hand and pulled me back. Shook me up and woke me from my trance. Right after, he revisited the movie with me.
If we are going to live the same day 200 times, it can be lived in 200 different ways. Our everydays start taking over. Our politics start coming into focus. In every new way we choose to live the same day over, different understandings of ourselves get unveiled. In both stories, one where Bill Murray is the protagonist and the other where it is me, we are building our understanding of ourselves through the everydayness of 2nd February and 22nd March respectively.

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