This phase feels like the never ending phase of my life. Planning for the future is a part of our lives, but when some things actually stop working even after these various plannings and trials we lose hope. This pause has actually made me think about those failures and increased my urge to move on in every aspect. Living in my house after three years for so many months actually helped me think over so many things in various aspects and also this time helped me explore and learn more about myself. This urge to move on with the good things and forget about the bad is a lesson which I learnt and tried to apply, but the urge for movement, to travel, to meet new people has heightened in every way and still fighting this urge for so many months due to the situation around has made me more patient in life. Everyone in this world has contributed to inspire me in every way. Be it the online session with professors or vlogs of the travellers or stories of the patients or problems of my friends all these things have made me feel privileged in every way and made me feel good about myself. In these months the world acted as a self- help book for me where in everyone had a chapter to tell. These learnings still couldn’t resist my urge to move, to go far away from the chaos and this time alone. Being around people is what I have started to avoid, travelling alone is what I crave for. These 8 months have taught me, changed me which usually happens with us as we live, but the way I have seen myself transform in these months is what we actually don’t witness it often, the change becomes a subconscious part of our mind. This virus did not only affect people physically but it also affected people mentally. But still, people living in my world have spread positivity which helped me help others in many ways. At the end, what matters is I was capable of helping someone and also positively fighting my own battles.

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