The Coronavirus has demanded us to look at our behaviour in a way that we are not use to. Human beings often act on their individual interest. However the Covid situation demands for a more collective way of thinking. However it does become difficult to adapt this collective way due to the fact that human beings unconsciously/consciously do things for their personal interests. 

A very good example would be to only buy what we need.It becomes our sense of duty and morality to act in the interest of society as a whole. 

Morality in the current society rather than coming from a desire to be a good human being, comes from the power relationship between classes of society. The way the upper classes distinguishes themselves from the lower classes. Justifying why they had benefits those less fortunate did not. In this way of thinking it becomes our moral duty to follow the covid protocols and that those who do not obey the  discipline of handwashing, facial awareness and social distancing are not simply dangerous but selfish.(However it becomes complicated when we generalize this as a ‘moral duty’ for all classes of the society.)

The collective way will be independent of “the constructs of good consequences and a sound character”. But to act rationally for the sake of rationality. The collective way enables us to not to do things that don’t make sense if everyone did them.(categorical imperative-Kant)

For instance the example of panic buying. To buy and hoard more than we need fails to pass the collective way of living test, because it’s not possible for everyone to buy more than they need, rather only possible for a small fraction to do so. 

However it is very difficult as we have an innate tendency to make exceptions for our self. For instance we know that buying more than we need is one the reason for lower stock. Yet, we are likely to buy and put our family needs above the community.

The true collective society will be able to self isolate on a mass scale. Those that practice on a indivilistic level will obviously be a burden in this framework. It is therefore no surprise that the government has enforced lockdowns with policing. Kant for instance tried to evoke the power of god to encourage us to act morally. The power system now is being forced to invoke the power of the state for the same.

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