The idea of guest shaped the home, where the house became a visual object, an image, of the family. This image was a projection of the family’s collectively negotiated idea of  ‘presentable’  to the society, which therefore reflected their ideas of society. This idea of an invisible but omnipresent guest, which governed the .neatness’ of the house, has started to diffuse/ disappear in the domestic space. People have started to appropriate and transgress home as something that is their own, for them to see and live in. One of my friend’s sister was interested in fashion photography, and therefore she covered an entire wall with newspapers to create a backdrop. I started sticking sheets of paper on the blinding LED panels that are installed on the ceiling, in order to diffuse the light so as to not cause discomfort to the eyes, as well as to direct it in a certain way and contain it in a particular space.

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