I usually stay whole day out in college and work as I know that I won’t be able to work at home. I don’t have any specific work space at home and also dadaji restricts me from doing everything. Before lock down, my everyday starts with going to college in the morning and coming back late at night jumping the parapet wall of my home to come back at home as my grandpa locks the main gate and sleeps. During the lockdown, in starting, I felt suffocated as I am surrounded with the rules, discipline and controlled by order. I made my own space of working at my room to work. Slowly, as the day passed, the bond between mom and me became stronger. Also I started been patient with the surrounding people and controlled my anger. The lockdown turned me creative and I started making things which makes be busy whole day.

I have also seen many changes in different relationships. One of the example is of my friend where her mother got frustrated and threw her daughter and husband out of the house in order to be alone at home and get silences. Also, there were many fights in the family. Looking at all this, I felt that why aren’t people living together with their own family? Then I also thought of the question of what is family and what is the definition of it were one gets frustrated to stay together and still calls family.

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