House is daunting! 

House is an airy, bawdy, bloody, bumpy, boxy, bulky, busy, chilly, chunky, cozy, cringey, dilly-dally, dingy, drafty, dreary, drowsy, dusky, dusty, echoey, earthly, easy, edgy, empty, extraordinary, filthy, firy, friendly, frowzy, funny, fuzzy, frizy, gloomy, gory,  grainy, greasy, grimy, grumpy, gooey, happy, hairy, hasty, haughty, hearty, heavenly, involuntary, illusionary, involuntary, jumpy, kinky, leafy, lengthy, lively, lonely, lovely,  lofty, loopy, lowely, messy, mighty, moldy, murky, nasty, needy, oily, oozy, ordinary, puffy, pretty, quirky, racy, roomy, rocky, rusty, sandy, scanty, scary, shabby, shaky, shiny, showy, silly, sleepy, slippery, slurpy, smoky, snacky, snooty, soapy, solitary, sooty, speedy, spicy, steady, steamy, sticky, stodgy, stony, stuffy, sturdy, sultry, sunny, sweaty, tasty, tidy, tiny, turny, twisty, ugly, uncanny, unhappy, untidy, unwieldy, voluntary, wealthy, weary, webby, whirly, willy-nilly, windy, wishy-washy, woody, xisty, yieldy, yappy, zappy, zippy,  zooey…object. 

Fully capable of keeping us engaged, arrested! 

House is an ontological sandpit. 

There are so many beings appropriating the house, besides me and my partner, all the time. Worms that I do not know the name of, spiders, fruit flies, termites, dust, fungus, bacterias, plants, birds, vessels, food, clothes, furniture, equipments, drawing tools, books, computing tools, communication tools, bags, musical instruments, miniature models, clock, paper, paintings, footwears, boxes, vases, mats, coasters, and so on… Constantly demanding our attention, engagement and labour, particularly with respect to cleanliness and tidiness. 

But the more you clean and tidy, more and more objects proliferate the house. Sometimes it is akin to removing sand from the beach or the desert. 

COVID exploded these qualities of the house and made me wonder, is this how my mother felt for all these years, taking care of the house round the clock? Is this what monastic life feel like? It sure as heck is excruciating. 

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