This happened during the month of may, Mr. Parmar who recently shifted in our society on rent, used to work in Mahindra and Mahindra in an IT department on a temporary basis. He was suffering from Tuberculosis, on 15th May his breathing rates were gradually reduced and he collapsed at home. Dr. advised him to get admitted in the hospital. But in that hospital there was a different scenario, there was only 1 bed left and that too beside a covid patient. 

Mr Parmar refused to that bed, but Drs were not ready to hear him, they forced him that, if he will accept this bed then only we will start the treatment otherwise he can go home. Unwillingly Mr Parmar took that bed. 

After a week he got discharge and he came back home, 2-3 days later Mr Parmar started getting fever randomly for few days, the Secretary of the society asked him to do a covid test, where they found that he was a covid positive patient. Home quarantine was not possible because he used to stay at home alone and there is nobody to take care of him. So he got admitted in the hospital for 18 days and got recovered, but in between this health issues, Mr. Parmar lost his job and he shifted back to his hometown.

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