In the 2020 pandemic the notions around food changed completely.From our daily shopping of food it became storage of food for some but for some it became calculation of what to eat everyday.

23-03-2020 -It was the first day of lockdown in Goa, before I realised the seriousness of the situation the streets were already dark and dead at 7pm. As I went out to buy groceries the shops were already closed and fewer shops had murmurs around their closed gates. The deadliness of the town was increasing as I changed the location to find grocery for next day, finally I came home with nothing but tears in my eyes and they weren’t of worry of food. 

25-04-2020- There was information about the opened shop through social media. As I got to the store and it already had a long queue ahead. We contacted people to know if there is anything they need from the shop but the big grocery bags of people who were coming out made me worry whether there will be required food inside. After a long wait they closed the shop right after I entered (I guess the old guy felt sorry looking at the small girl’s worried face). I remember most of the shop was empty, all the instant food was gone and I don’t know why I added a big family pack of ice cream in my cart. Now if i look at that shopping cart, I don’t know why I added things I usually don’t eat.

13-05-2020 – Getting tired of everyday smaller and weird recipe combos, we ordered from swiggy for the first time in this pandemic. They took all the measures according to the app but every bite of that meal was filled with worry, thrill as well as joy. 

18-05-2020- Finally we hopped on the train to go back to Mumbai. During the whole journey I was so terrified of the situation. I decided not to eat or drink but the three hour wait on panvel station broke my fast. 

The house food after a long period made me happy but at the same time Mumbai felt completely silent. There was no honking, no heavy traffic. 

19-05-2020- According to the new meal plans in my house we have shifted to pulses most of the week, only two times a week dad gets vegetables needed and no one is allowed to touch them for next 7-8 hours. The vegetables have their own bath and drying time just like clothes. 

20-06-20- Everything started opening again, the marts, the pan shops, smaller shopping hubs. But the shops aren’t open fully they have kept the most required food outside their shop on a table, some people are selling form their cars. Yesterday i was amazed by the people outside the panipuri stall filling their mouths with the whole ball of sweet and spicy mixer of things. It made me want to have it but we will make it at home if possible. 

21-06-20- Social media is filled with the new recipes, baking and dalgona coffee. It inspired me to bake a cake; most of the ingredients were replaced by the one’s at hand. It tasted okay but will work on the same thing again with proper ingredients after this gets over. 

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