Having lived with my two roommates and worked with them late night in the first year, it was a lonely experience in the beginning to work at home at night while everyone else slept. As the hours passed, the noise from the streets and neighboring buildings died down and the lights went off one by one as I could see from my window. I wondered what my building looked like from the outside- with only my study table light giving off this glow in the entirely dark neighborhood.

But our class was quick to shake off this feeling of working ‘alone’. We made a class meet link specially for this purpose- to talk to each other while working simultaneously , helping each other out with doubts- asking for opinions-from whoever’s online and to just bring about this feeling that someone’s working with you.

I seldom joined these late night meets because in the beginning I felt that I was committing a crime by disturbing the silence of the night- on another note i didn’t want to disturb my sleeping family members.

But on the night before my design jury I joined a meet with only my two roommates with bollywood songs playing- and I felt as if I were transported back to our flat in borivali and we three were working quietly while one of their playlists blasted on the speaker. It was as close to the real experience as it could get.

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