Before the lockdown started, we all were busy with our lives and often had things in our mind to keep us occupied. Whether it is college, work , journey from home to college, etc. All of a sudden, all of this stopped and our routines changed, and will probably never be the same. I have always had this fear of not keeping myself occupied, maybe because i might get bored or might have thoughts that I shouldn’t be having. In the earlier months, I was glad that we had college to finish our semester 2 and then we eventually started semester 3 as well. But it between, when there was no work, I used to depend on social media largely for keeping my head occupied. This lockdown exposed many of us to news across the world, be it good or bad, which didn’t happen a lot before the lockdown due to our busy lives. Most of the news that I read from June onwards(around 4 month from now) showed the harsh reality of the lockdown. While I’m privileged to have a safe environment at home, a lot of people found the outside to be safe. A lot of news (not mainstream media) spoke about various people getting harassed in their own homes, spoke about number of COVID cases in the country and the people who died because of it, etc. At one point all of this got too overwhelming to read, while it is important that you are aware about what is happening, it can take a toll on your mental health. Another strong feeling felt was loneliness, despite of being surrounded by 4 family members, there were times where I felt lonely, maybe because I was the only one who stayed up doing my college work or probably because I hadn’t seen anyone for 8 months. It does not seem like a big deal because the college lectures and zoom calls kept me connected, but the essence of physical touch was lost. If college does happen to open, we will see each other face to face(with masks on),but it will never be the same like before.

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