As the pandemic started growing the outreach to certain locations was restricted. As the outreach was not possible it also reduced the scope of gatherings, engaging in outdoor activities, socializing etc for a particular time. After a certain time, the need for these activities showed a rise due to the stagnation of lifestyle. There was a sudden realization that as the outreach was reduced there was a sudden increase in the availability of resources in the neighbourhood. Suddenly there was an optimum use of the resources that were to be found out in the neighbourhood. For example: Whenever I went to a beach I always ended up visiting Juhu beach but due to the restrictions I started visiting Versova beach which is walking 5 mins from my house. There were social gatherings that started happening with my friends in the nearby parks and gardens which I haven’t visited since my childhood. The need to go into nearby cafeterias and restaurants started, which did not happen previously. The rise to exploring the neighbourhood started emerging and optimum utilization of nearby resources was seen.

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