On a random day, at a random time during the Ganesh festival, on a random ride down in the lift, a middle aged woman entered the lift from the fourth floor and randomly proclaimed that ‘the virus is gone! Don’t worry! Bappa is here!’. She got off at 3rd floor and I continued my elevator ride till the ground floor. 

Instagram page of the BMC (@MyBMC) posted that days count of COVID-19 cases. There were near 1200 cases on that day. Since then, to this day (13th September 2020) the number of cases have only increased. Today the numbers stood at 2322 positive cases. 

Covid-19 or SARS-2 has become an interesting catalyst in reinforcing faith. Whether it is the hurried ‘bhoomi’ poojan of Ram Mandir, processions, Rath Yatras, Ganapati Visarjan, and other similar mass religious events, we see that faith has emerged as a thing which is closer than breath -even more than the fear and anxiety of the virus. 

Faith appears like a ‘rebound’ relationship after the disillusionment in states capacity to deal with the pandemic. Interestingly, it appears that the state also feels the same way about the nation-state. It wants to realign the idea of state along faith-lines. The state has been feeling this way for quite sometime now, the virus simply intensified this feeling. Media also feels this way: faith over reason. 

We have successfully tipped to the horrific and tautological side of the post-enlightenment / post-reason / post-truth thinking. 

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