This is the new favourite tagline after “Netflix and Chill”. This particular game has taken every other group of friends by storm, everyone is absolutely hooked. Like every other virtual game this has become a trend but I found this one especially interesting because of the kinds of relationships it forms.

Every player plays individually in this game, there are a series of tasks that each player needs to complete and finally the main motive is to find who the imposter or the mafia on the basis of his killing spree.

What then happens is if you continuously play this game with similar sets of people every player develops his/hers own set of characteristics and then that player builds varied relationships with the other players on the basis of their moves in the game.

Also this game has a feature to play with the public and nobody discloses their identity. Again this gives rise to multiple new relationships. For an instance I came across this extremely funny video on Instagram, where there was this player who started liking another player on the basis of the other players name and moves and at the end when they finally met up on video call, it was a shocker.

Also the fact that you know someone as an imposter “virtually” is so ironic. But that has brought this extremely insecure feeling in me because I always think that there is an Imposter Among Us.

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