If someone told me on 31st Dec 2019, that the world would change  in 2020, I would have laughed at them. But that is exactly what happened and the sad fact is that corona doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. 

However, every situation has pros and cons. In my case, it gave me a chance to learn something new in life, cooking. Checking out recipes on youtube became an addition to the already existing task of looking at entertaining videos. In the process, I learnt that once we get the hang of some new thing, we would be able to do it, though initially it may look tough. I also learnt that there are things we may have to sacrifice as well (in my case going to movies/restaurants came to a stop. Very painful!!!) On top of that, living close to a covid treatment facility can be stressful and distressing.

So, while we are slowly opening up, we need to come to terms that while we cannot abandon our masks just yet, we can still get through the tough times. 

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