The preparation for navratri usually starts months before the festival with excitement of matching up the outfits as per the colours decided along with the accessories. Due to covid this year the grounds were shut and live streaming was done of the whole event. However, being one of the most lively festival we could not hold back ourselves so we decided to organise a small event where we booked a hall in Charkop. Charkop area has these duplex bungalows where the upper floors at some places are generally used as party halls. We were around 30 people who had gathered to play garba keeping in mind all the basic rules and regulations where each person was sanitized before he/she entered the main premise, also the body temperature was checked . People had worn mask and the perfect outfits as we all desire to wear during navratri. The event continued for almost 3-4 hours where we weren’t creating a crowd or chaos, people were playing in smaller groups.

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